Worship, Arts, & Music Ministries

We are passionate about Christian worship through the arts and embrace the values that it contributes to our church and society.

Music Ministry (WAM)

WAM shares the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, provides encouragement to believers in their walk with Christ and leads the congregation in worship and praise. Ministry participants are blessed through the sharing of their musical gifts and are an integral part of the worship experience.

NPBC Music Ministry is comprised of: The Inspirational Senior Choir, Mighty Men Male Chorus, LCC Youth Choir, Voices of Praise Choir, God’s Children’s Choir.

Knowing the importance of reaching each soul, the Music Ministry provides an eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary music. There’s a place in our Music Ministry for anyone who desires to offer praise and testimony of the wonder-working power of the Word of God through song.

Liturgical Dance – New Beginners Worshipers, Psalm 150 Dance Ministry

The dance ministry exists to manifest worshipful lifestyles through dance. Our mission is to worship God, in spirit and in truth, with our whole being, to create a welcoming atmosphere for His Presence and Glory. In doing so, the Spirit of God draws all people to Himself, according to His purpose, to be saved, healed, comforted and set free. Our purpose is to be vessels for the Holy Spirit to communicate and visually manifest His Glory in the demonstration of Himself through dance.

Dunamis Sign & Mime Ministry

This ministry has been created to give “voice” to silent gifts using masking and enhancement of the hands and body. The Mime Ministry gives both youth and adults the opportunity to express the silent gifts that God has given you, another way in which we promote artistic expression in Worship.

Engage And Empower

Join Us at the Next Women’s Event


Divine D.I.V.A.S.

11:00 am — 3:00 pm
@ New Prospect Baptist Church

New St. Paul Baptist Church Fellowship

4:00 pm — 6:00 pm
@ New St. Paul Baptist Church

Women of Worth Winter Book Club

6:00 pm — 8:00 pm
@ New Prospect Baptist Church

Pancakes Crafts & Story Time

9:30 am — 12:00 pm
@ New Prospect Baptist Church

Partnering with parents to guide children into a deeper relationship with Christ and a greater love for others.

A holistic program includes youth church services every fourth Sunday; weekly Bible study for children of all ages; several age appropriate retreats; numerous sports activities; male and female step teams; mentoring programs, Rites of Passage for young men. One youth choir LCC, and other planned activities ensure that there are ongoing Christian programs and events for all youth. Joy Night, a high school senior graduation banquet and the Annual Youth Revival are annual events sponsored by the ministry to involve NPBC youth and those in the community.