Building a healthy community one family at a time through
worship, word, witness and work.

The Front line Ministries consists of a group of dedicated servants that provide the basic, upfront services that are needed each Sunday and for special events to ensure that our worship services and special events run smoothly for members and guests alike, and that their spiritual needs are met.

nursery minitry

Our Nursery Servants provide a fun, safe place for our young worshippers to fellowship with their own age group during worship times.

To help those who visit our campus feel welcomed with a friendly greeting.
We seek servants who wish to share their warmth and hospitality by simply giving a friendly smile and/or wave to make people feel welcome. We also help people find their way around campus.

parking Ministry
To serve and protect drivers and pedestrians at weekend services and special events.
This ministry helps accomplish the mission of New Prospect by enthusiastically greeting everyone that arrives on campus and helping to safely guide them into convenient parking. Traffic servants ensure safety as well as provide information and directions for first time guests.

Media Ministry
The Media Ministry ensures that our entire service is captured on video as well as audio. They create and sell CDs and DVDs of the services and special events (as requested). They also provide run the radio and live-streaming broadcasts. This ministry supplies resources during service via on-screen announcements, sermon notes and scriptures. As well as, operating the Media Center for purchasing of books, music CDs, DVDs and other materials.

Our purpose is to use the gift of hospitality to bless people at church services as well as in other capacities.
Provide a welcoming and warm gathering place for people to fellowship by providing beverages and snacks before and after church services. This ministry is for someone who is friendly and likes to make others feel comfortable and cared for!

New Prospect is blessed to receive a great many guests each Sunday. In an effort to make sure that each guest feels welcome and have an opportunity to ask questions, and be encouraged to visit New Prospect again, this Team, follows up with each 1st time guest with a phone call and special gift is mailed to them.

Worship Usher Ministy

To provide convenient assistance to attendees of New Prospect Baptist Church. We are a volunteer team who facilitates the services so attendees benefit from the added convenience of having ushers. We welcome everyone to New Prospect with a smile, pass out bulletins, assist with seating, answer questions, collect offerings and cooperate with handling emergencies in the Worship Center and venues.

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